Difference Between Type I and Type II Restaurant Hoods

Difference Between Type I and Type II Restaurant Hoods

Restaurants rely on their equipment to properly prepare food and follow safety protocols. That includes installing the proper hoods over the stove areas for the job. So, what is the difference between type I and type II restaurant hoods, and which is ideal for your needs? Keep reading to find out more details for the best results.

What Are Restaurant Hoods?

Kitchen hoods are fitted over the stove areas and are designed to remove heat, moisture, smoke, and even grease, depending on which type of hood you choose. Both type I and II kitchen hoods have their unique uses such as the following: 

  • Pull smoke away from its source
  • Remove moisture
  • Remove grease
  • Create a cleaner space
  • Create a more comfortable environment for workers

There is also some terminology difference between type I and type II restaurant hoods used to describe the functions. These distinctions or terminology include grease hoods and condensate hoods. The distinction is particularly important in a commercial kitchen because it’s part of the fire suppression system. Overall, the hoods are used to create a safe and comfortable work environment in the kitchen. 

Type I Hoods

A type I hood is referred to as a grease duct or hood. These heavy-duty hoods can effectively remove any smoke, grease, and heat from a kitchen space. They are integral in preventing kitchen fires and are especially necessary in a commercial kitchen space.

In addition, these hoods help preserve kitchen equipment by preventing grease build-up from the presence of airborne grease and smoke, which can clog machinery and ruin delicate kitchen essentials. Be sure to consider your duct configuration and ensure it’s a match to your type I hood to remove the particles from the air effectively.

Type II Hoods

Type II hoods, or condensate hoods, are used to remove the humidity and steam from the kitchen space. They are ideal to use near dishwashers, steamers, above the stove to remove escaping steam from dishes, and much more. They help keep the humidity at acceptable levels and help prevent unpleasant air and mold or mildew. They may be installed next to or in the same vicinity as a type I or grease hood to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment in a kitchen.

Finding the Right Hoods

Finding and installing the proper hood for your kitchen space depends on the purpose of the kitchen. If you’re currently looking for restaurant equipment in northern Virginia or you have equipment and need restaurant hood installation in northern Virginia, be sure to work with a company with a stellar reputation for quality and service. The best way to determine who to contact is to get word-of-mouth referrals or use the internet to research local contractors and retailers. Their websites should provide more information about their experience and the options they provide. Additionally, reading the customer feedback online offers some helpful insight as to which company may be the best fit for your needs.


If you have a commercial kitchen or plan to build one in the near future, determining which type of hood or hoods you need is essential. You can get assistance from a reputable contractor like Air Novations LLC. We can provide you with a range of hood options in addition to installation.

Let us work with you to ensure your kitchen space is in compliance and allows you to maintain a safe and effective workspace for anyone present in the area. Our knowledgeable and helpful team is standing by to work with you to get prompt and reliable service from an industry leader.

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