How Smart Home Technology Keeps Us Safe

How Smart Home Technology Keeps Us Safe

Smart home technology is becoming part of many American’s daily lives. Specifically, smart security is rapidly rising in popularity. Yes, smart homes do remind us of strange sci-fi plots, but the future is here. New technology can be intimidating and, for some, for even slightly scary. Historically, new technology has frightened generations of humans. It’s all about fear of the unknown. Heck, even in the 1960s, many were convinced those newfangled TVs would make them go blind. It was mass hysteria, but who could blame them; they didn’t have the right information. So concerning smart home tech, scared be not! By the end of this short article, you’ll be a smart home security expert.

Types of Smart Home Security


One of the most popular uses for smart home tech is security and it’s easy to see why. For instance, high quality surveillance measures can be installed where you live and controlled by your smart phone. You can view the camera in living room anywhere, any time to see what the babysitter is up to. You can use the front porch camera to check if that Amazon package ever came. The best home security smart tech is installed by experts, is incredible secure, and comes with 24/7 support. Don’t worry, others hacking into your system isn’t even remotely possible with reputable providers. Research is key.

“Hunny, Tommy is coloring on the walls again!”

Door Bells

Picture this: your door bell rings when you’re not home. You receive an alert from your phone and open an app. Now you can see a full body view of whoever is at your door. You can even speak to them through your phone’s microphone and the visitor can answer back. Maybe it turns out to be your kid home from school early, locked out of the house. Or maybe it’s someone you don’t know and you prefer not to open the door for safety reasons.

“Hey lady, your package is here promptly, 37 days after Christmas!”

Smoke/CO Alarms

The smoke alarm goes off. Is there actually an emergency or is it just another false alarm? Smart smoke alarms don’t just ring an annoying bell with no explanation, they tell you the reason for the alarm sounding. All you have to do is open the app to see the problem. Carbon monoxide leak? The app will tell you exactly where it’s coming from. There’s no guessing, just peace of mind.

Who To Call

If this all still seems a little intimidating, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here at Air Novations LLC, we would love to come out and give you more information and a free estimate that personally fits your needs. We use only the best smart security tech, Nest. We can do everything from installation to detailed instructions. Give us a call, no pressure, just helpful information! We aren’t the big guys, we’re family.

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