Keeping Your HVAC System Working All Year Round

Keeping Your HVAC System Working All Year Round

Many homeowners struggle to understand how their home heating and cooling system works. With the energy-efficient features of today’s HVAC, it can be tough to know what to do when a certain component is not working correctly or needs to be replaced. Here is some advice from our experts on keeping your system working all year round for improved comfort and health benefits.

Change the Air Filters Regularly

Air filters should be changed at least once every three months. Not doing so can release particles into your home resulting in unhealthy air. To change your air filters, you should open up the access panel and remove them depending on their closure type. If you do not know what kind of closure they are, you can consult with HVAC contractors in Northern Virginia to find out.

Vacuum the Duct Work Regularly

Regular vacuuming ensures that your HVAC system works efficiently. The dirtier the ductwork, the harder it will be to heat or cool your home. Dirt and grime can even clog up the vents and may cause problems in the entire HVAC system if left unchecked long enough. 

Keep the Condensate Tank Full

Your condensate tank is another part of your HVAC system that is full of moisture, dirt, and grime, which causes problems for the ventilation. Too little moisture can affect your HVAC system’s ability to function properly if left unchecked long enough. Overfilled tanks can cause blockages, preventing water from draining properly. For this reason, you should empty the condensate tank often.

Weatherproof your HVAC system

Extreme weather conditions can create issues with HVAC systems. This does not mean that you should keep the doors and windows closed all year round, but you should be prepared for changes in weather conditions. The best way to prepare is by buying a good quality cover for your unit to protect it from extreme weather conditions. That ensures your HVAC system works properly and efficiently throughout the seasons without any problems.

Install Your Chimney Cap

Ensure that your chimney cap is well-maintained. You can install a new cap if it needs replacing, but be sure to thoroughly clean the chimney after installation. This will improve air quality inside your home and keep the HVAC system working for longer.

Call A Trained HVAC Professional To Conduct An Inspection

Call us today for a professional inspection of your HVAC unit. Our professional will check the filter, coils, and blower motor and make any necessary repairs. We will also ensure all safety measures and maintenance procedures. That way, you will avoid costly repairs and ensure you get the most efficiency and comfort out of your system. Contact us today! 

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