Spring Checklist For Your HVAC System

Spring Checklist For Your HVAC System

With the warm weather starting to move in, it is time to go through your Spring checklist to make sure your HVAC system is working efficiently. These tips below will help keep your HVAC system running properly and give you an idea if something is wrong.

1. Inspect the Refrigerant Lines

Since your HVAC system will soon switch to cooling off your home instead of warming it, the refrigerant lines should be inspected. If they are worn with holes, they could leak refrigerant and cause significant damage to the system. You do not want your HVAC system to run hot because it is missing the required fluids. Your energy bill will also increase significantly because the system is working harder to cool your home.

2. Make Sure Your Unit is Level

Because the cold winters can bring rains and washouts around your home, your unit could become unleveled over the winter. Check the system and ensure the concrete padding beneath your unit is not dropping and causing the unit to be unlevel. If the pad is fine, double-check the unit to make sure it is still level and not leaning in any one direction. This could cause unwanted strain on the lines and cause them to wear down faster.

3. Change Out The Air Filters

At the turn of each season, you should change out your air filters. If you have dirty filters that are full or clogged, it can force your HVAC unit to work overtime, increasing your utility bill and wearing down your system much faster. The quality of the air in your home will also improve once you change the air filter. A dirty air filter will push dirty air through your home.

4. Remove Clutter From Your Unit

With your HVAC unit sitting outdoors, it is easy for it to collect dirt and debris, especially through the winter. Falling leaves can get inside your unit and cause unwanted damage. Check the top grill and remove anything loose so that the air can circulate properly. You also want to make sure any trees or shrubbery near the unit is trimmed back and away from the unit with enough clearance.

5. Have Your System Routinely Inspected

The best thing you can do for your HVAC system is to call your trusted HVAC technician for a seasonal inspection. They will look over the unit outside, wires, and the thermostat inside your home to ensure that everything is working properly and prepare you for the Spring weather. If there are any major issues, they will be able to note them right away so that they can be fixed.

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