When Is It Time To Call A Plumber?

When Is It Time To Call A Plumber?

Dealing with plumbing problems can rapidly turn into a serious problem. Without a properly running plumbing system, you can’t wash dishes, bathe, or even get a drink of water. If the problem involves a leak, then you could be facing thousands of dollars in water damage on top of the possibility of mold growth. Recognizing when it’s time to call the plumber can save you serious time, money, and stress, and these signs all signify that reaching out for help now is the best solution for a developing issue.

Water is Slowly Going Down the Drain

Slow drains are frustrating, but they usually indicate that a deeper problem is brewing. Finding yourself standing in an inch of water while you are showering or needing to wait for a long time for the sink to drain could mean that there is a clog developing in the sewer lines. While you could try to clear the clog yourself, plumbers in Northern Virginia have equipment that can reach deeper to make sure the pipe is completely cleared out.

The Toilet Won’t Stop Running

Hearing the toilet start running again after it stops is annoying, but this little issue can also wind up costing you lots of money on higher water bills. Toilets may run for several reasons, but they are usually caused by a problem with the components on the inside of the tank. Calling for a plumber can help you figure out which part needs adjusting or replacing so that you can stop wasting water.

You’re Dealing with Low Water Pressure

Occasionally, an older fixture might develop mineral buildup that blocks the water flow. In this case, you’ll typically only have this problem with one or two faucets. Cleaning or replacing the fixture should resolve the problem. If low water pressure exists throughout the whole property, then there could be bigger issues to worry about. Sometimes, this can signal that there is a leak in the main supply line. Working with a plumber can help you figure out where a leak is occurring.

Finding Unexplained Moisture

Leaky pipes on the inside of walls often cause significant water damage before they are noticed. If a wall feels moist or soft, or you find a puddle of water along the floor, then you’ll want to consider what might be behind the wall. If you can’t find a reason for the water, such as a spilled drink or an open window, then it is time to contact a plumber to check things out.

Seeing Discolored Water

The water that runs through your pipes should always be crystal clear, and suddenly seeing discolorations could mean that dirt is somehow getting into the lines. If the discolored water is only coming out when you use the hot water, then this could be linked to a failing hot water heater. Either way, a plumber can help make sure that the water is safe to drink.

Know Who to Call In a Plumbing Emergency

While a leaky faucet might wait a day, major backups or leaks are true plumbing emergencies. Are you dealing with a mysterious plumbing issue? If so, give us a call today to identify the problem and make a plan for repairs that can save your home from damage.

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