Professional Heating Services

With over two decades of experience, Air Novations LLC recognizes that the best heating system will be different for every home. Our heating installation experts are trained to design the perfect heating system to combat winter weather. Whether you are installing new or replacing old, interested in a modern furnace, boiler, or geothermal heat pump, we provide knowledgeable recommendations and quality products.

Types of Heating Products 


Heat Pump

A heat pump heats in the winter and cools in the summer. Choosing a heat pump is a cost-effective option, and a heat pump requires truly little maintenance. A heat pump works by using electricity to extract heat from outside during the cold months and channel heat outside during the summer. Because the heat pump is essentially moving air, it gives you maximum energy efficiency. The installation process can vary depending on which type of unit you choose, but most systems include both an indoor and outdoor heating unit.


Boilers are another heating system which will keep you warm during the winter months. Boilers use a hydronic heating process, which uses water to conduct the heat. Boiler systems are reliable but do lose their efficiency over time. If you think you might need to replace your boiler system or are thinking about installing one, call Air Novations LLC for a free estimate today!

Gas Furnace

A gas furnace is another popular option for a home heating system. A gas furnace uses burners to ignite propane or natural gas and blow the warm air into the duct system, which distributes it throughout your home. Gas furnaces are a cost-effective option that will keep your home comfortable and warm. There are different types of furnace systems, and the staff at Air Novations LLC can help you determine which would be best for you.

Heating Repair & Replacement


If you are having issues with your heating unit, call Air Novations LLC for quality 24-hour HVAC service. We offer same day heating repair in Northern Virginia. Our award-winning team provides you with the highest quality products, expert repairs, and superior customer service. We provide a variety of heating repair services, including gas furnaces, boilers, geothermal heat pumps, and traditional air-supply pumps.


Signs That You May Need to Replace or Repair Your Heating Unit


Gas Furnaces

When do you need to replace your furnace? Unfortunately, the answer is not always clear. If you are experiencing issues with your furnace, call Air Novations LLC for a free estimate. We will come to your home and inspect your current unit free of charge. Then, we will assess your needs and budget and come up with a plan that meets your expectations. Taking care of your repairs early can extend the life of your furnace and save you from high furnace replacement costs.


A boiler that is making noise, leaking water, has a high boiler pressure, or smells may need a boiler repair. Our boiler repair experts can provide you with affordable, reliable services catered to your needs. Call Air Novations LLC for a free estimate, and one of our skilled technicians will come to your house and look at your boiler. We work on all types of boilers, including propane, oil, and natural gas.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Our technicians have the skills needed to safely repair both open and closed loop geothermal heating systems. Strange noises, unusual odors, or uneven temperatures can all signal a problem with your geothermal heat pump. If you suspect that you might have an issue with your geothermal heating system, call Air Novations LLC today for a free estimate.

Traditional Air Supply Heat Pump

Some signs that your heat pump may need repairs are clicking or grinding noises, leaking water, or restricted air flow through your home. You might even experience the worst symptom of a failing heat pump: a dramatic increase in your heating and cooling bills. If so, call Air Novations LLC for a free estimate of your heating system. Our skilled technicians will assess your heat pump, identify issues, and offer sustainable repair or replacement solutions. 

Do I Need Regular Maintenance?

If you want a heating system that runs reliably and efficiently, you need regular maintenance on your heating system. The type of maintenance needed depends on what type of heating unit you have and when it was installed. EnergyStar recommends that every homeowner should schedule yearly maintenance, no matter what type of heating system you have. Heating systems lose efficiency as they age, so without regular maintenance, they can end up raising your heating and cooling costs. Annual tune-ups and inspections can help keep your heating unit performing well. An annual inspection will also help you detect problems early, which could prevent you from having to replace your entire unit down the road. With an annual tune-up, you will prevent expensive repairs and lower your heating bills by increasing energy efficiency. If you get regular maintenance, you will not risk voiding your warranty.