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Your home faces a unique problem that you may not be aware of. Every time the weather gets especially cold or hot and you close up the windows and doors so you can operate your HVAC system, the air quality inside decreases drastically. Modern insulation makes it nearly impossible for air to ventilate properly and as a result, the volume of everyday pollutants present in most homes increases. Dander, pollen, dust and more build up in your indoor air and can inflame allergies and make people sick.

For this reason, Air Novations highly recommends the installation of an indoor air quality system. These systems, designed to filter and clean pollutants and contaminants from your indoor air, can greatly reduce the risk of poor ventilation and high allergen levels and keep you even more comfortable.

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Indoor Air Quality Risks

The Northern VA and Arlington, VA indoor air quality risks range between the most basic of problems such as pet dander and planet pollen to more extreme risks like smoke, cooking gasses, bacteria, and viruses. Mold spores can be a major issue, regardless of the humidity level inside.

On average, the typical American home has indoor air pollution levels between 5–100 times higher than outdoor air. And those indoor pollutants can cause your family a great deal of discomfort – from asthma flareups to allergy attacks, and potentially more serious illnesses.

Solving Indoor Air Quality Problems

Fortunately, if you live in the Arlington, VA area, indoor air quality doesn’t need to be a major concern for your family. Air Novations has a number of systems available that can remove the pollutants that build up in indoor air and keep you and your family safe and comfortable.

The most common system you can have installed is a HEPA air filter. Installed at your air handler, these higher grade filters can provide protection between 6 and 50 times more effective than the stock filter that comes with your air handler. Air purifiers and cleaners go one step further and remove smaller impurities like smoke and cooking gasses that are often too small for a media filter to remove from your indoor air supply.

For those homes with high levels of mold, bacteria and viruses, there are also UV light systems which kill them as they circulate through the ductwork. This allows you to remove those unwanted pathogens as they circulate through your home.

Indoor Air Quality Service You Can Rely On

Indoor air quality should be at the top of your HVAC to do list. Call Air Novations today to learn more about the systems we can install and how we will take care of your indoor air quality issues once and for all.

Indoor Air Quality