Nest Thermostats

Customize Your Heating And Cooling With A Nest Thermostat

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night shivering? You want to change the thermostat, but the thought of leaving your warm covers makes you think twice. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn up the heat from your smartphone? Nest thermostats make remote thermostat control possible. With a Nest system, you will be able to conveniently control your heating and cooling system with an app.

Saving Energy Starts With Your Thermostat

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It is no secret that heating and cooling costs make up almost half of your bills. Programmable thermostats can help, but they still waste energy. Nest thermostats offer a new, innovative way to save energy and money – smart thermostats. Nest thermostats save the average household up to 12% on heating costs and up to 15% on cooling costs each year – an average of $131 to $145 each year. What does that mean? Nest heating and cooling system will offer you comfort and convenience while paying for itself in less than two years.

Choose From Two Different Styles!

Nest offers two different thermostat styles: The Nest Thermostat E and the Nest Learning Thermostat. Both models can be easily controlled from an app and are designed to save you money and energy. The Nest Smart Thermostat takes convenience to a new level by learning from you. Once the thermometer is set up, you will just need to manually set your thermostat for a few days. The learning thermostat tracks patterns in your heating and cooling settings and creates a schedule based on your specific preferences. It even analyzes how your home heats and cools to ensure that a comfortable temperature is always maintained.

Nest Pro: The Better Way to Buy

Why should I buy from Air Novations LLC when I can just install it myself? When you purchase your Nest Smart Thermostat through a Nest Pro member, you will receive a few extra features that you will not get with a self-installation. Through a Nest Pro member, you will receive 24 Hour tech support for all your Nest devices. Because Nest knows that our technicians have been trained to set up the equipment properly, you will also receive an extended warranty which covers you well past the normal two-year guarantee. You can even purchase bundled packages for a discounted price, ensuring that you will get the most bang for your buck.

Nest Certified Installers

Air Novations LLC is proud to have earned the Certified Nest Installer certification from Nest. We service Haymarket, Gainesville, Leesburg, Manassas, and all of Northern Virginia. To learn more about your installation options, please call our office at 703-819-8900 or email us at We are happy to help you save money, energy, and time with a new Nest Thermostat system!

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