Preventative Maintenance On Your Commercial Kitchen

Preventative Maintenance On Your Commercial Kitchen

Whether you run a restaurant, cafeteria, food truck, your commercial kitchen is everything to your business. It must be clean and functioning to continue providing your customers with the best products and services. If a boilover happens or grease leaks through the cracks in the flooring, it’s only a matter of time before bacteria begins to grow. Fortunately, our professional kitchen contractors at Air Novations LLC, LLC can help you maintain your commercial kitchen.


To maintain your commercial restaurant equipment in Northern Virginia including refrigerators and freezers, our experts will inspect the air flow across all components of the cooler, noting any unusual obstructions or debris that could negatively impact airflow. We will also check the temperature control systems to ensure we are working properly, ensuring your food is maintained at proper temperatures. If necessary, we will replace parts that are not functioning correctly to ensure the proper service of your food product. Further, our commercial kitchen contractors will inspect commercial cooking equipment, ensuring that the equipment is functioning appropriately throughout the day. Most importantly, we will inspect heaters, ensuring they operate within established specifications. If we discover any safety concerns, we will always inform you and provide a solution before anything dangerous occurs.

Compliance With Codes

Our kitchen inspectors are very familiar with the standards and codes that govern the kitchen, some of which include health and safety laws, structural standards, and building regulations. That makes us a reliable resource for any commercial kitchen owner to consult regarding permits for remodeling or construction work. Working with our professional kitchen contractor can help you understand how health, safety, and environmental legislation affects your business. At Air Novations LLC, LLC, we work with you to establish a safety plan to help eliminate common kitchen hazards. We ensure that any supplied kitchen equipment adheres to environmental regulations and is safe for your staff. 

Removing Unwanted Grease Deposits

Occasionally, grease deposits need to be removed from inside the kitchen or the equipment. This task requires professional assistance to prevent damage to your surfaces or equipment. Our skillful kitchen contractors have been in this industry for more than 15 years, and can properly clean and remove grease deposits from your workspace.

Maintenance Recommendations

If you are planning a commercial kitchen remodel or maintenance updates and need recommendations from a professional, get in touch with our kitchen inspectors. We offer advice and guidance based on your specific circumstance. 

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By working with our professional kitchen contractor, you can ensure your business stays compliant and safe. It is important to note that our contractors always consider safety when they provide a service for you. To help you plan and execute the project safely in your kitchen, contact our professional kitchen contractors. We have the technical experience necessary to provide a quality job that won’t cause any problems down the line.

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