Types Of Hood Systems For Your Restaurant

Types Of Hood Systems For Your Restaurant

There are several hood system types that can be used in restaurants. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out which one is best for your dining establishment, you’ll want to do your research. Though there are two main types of kitchen hoods for commercial use, Ducted and Ductless, but you’ll find that ducted hoods are the type used in commercial kitchen settings.

Ducted (Exhaust) Hoods

This type is the most common that you’re going to find in commercial kitchens. Ideal for use in kitchens with a lot of frying and a high volume of cooking, they have a fan that pulls steam, smoke, and air with grease so that it’s vented outside through its duct system. Ducted hoods always have baffles or grease filters that you’ll have to check and change out regularly. They are also known as Type 1 Hoods.

There are a few styles of ducted hoods that are available:

  • Island hoods: These are mounted on the ceiling to hang over your island stove top with ductwork through the ceiling.
  • Proximity hoods: These are more narrow and have less overhang than a canopy type of hood.
  • Wall-mounted hoods: These are mounted to the wall and use a fan to alleviate grease and smoke, allowing you to adjust the fan depending on what you’re cooking.

You can quickly get a restaurant hood installation in Northern Virginia for remote kitchen spaces, and they are ideal if you’re using a leased space. 

Why It’s Important to Have a Quality Hood System in Your Restaurant

It’s crucial that you have a high-quality hood system in your commercial kitchen space. This critical piece of restaurant equipment in Northern Virginia serves as the first line of defense when it comes to preventing fires. You also will be required to have this in place in order to pass fire, insurance, and health codes. You want to have a restaurant kitchen that operates efficiently and safely. In addition, a hood system will lower energy consumption in the space, improve air quality, and reduce odors. Don’t take your chances buying just any old hood system. Learn what’s out there and choose the type and style that best suits your restaurant’s needs.

If you’re opening up a restaurant and looking for the right hood system, Air Novations LLC can assist you with your needs. We’re happy to talk over the options with you and come up with the ideal restaurant hood system that will serve you well over the years. Contact us and take your first step towards improved safety and efficiency in your commercial kitchen.

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