Kitchen Hoods in Northern Virginia

Kitchen Hoods VA

Restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, food manufacturers, and various other Northern Virginia businesses have commercial kitchens. To maximize safety and meet code requirements, all of these establishments must use kitchen hoods. 

The Importance of Kitchen Ventilation

Commercial kitchens can easily become oppressively hot and humid, especially in a warm climate like that of Northern Virginia. Ventilation helps to circulate the air, preventing fatigue and decreasing your company’s air conditioning expenses. It could also enhance safety by stopping slippery grease from accumulating on surfaces. Kitchen safety measures hold extra importance when employees are working with knives, hot liquids, and cooking equipment. At the same time, ventilation protects your staff and customers from airborne germs, and helps with:

  • Prevent slips and falls
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
  • Save money on air conditioning
  • Combat mold, grease, and odors
  • Reduce humidity levels

Restaurant Kitchen Hood Installations & More

In addition to providing a great way to enhance ventilation, hoods improve kitchen lighting. They also represent a wise investment that increases the value of your building. This equipment only performs well if the correct hood and duct sizes are selected. It’s also important to install the ductwork properly. A hood must be securely attached to the wall or ceiling as well. Northern Virginia business owners can rely on the professionals at Air Novations LLC to install this equipment skillfully.

When people experience problems with commercial restaurant hoods, installation of new units may not be necessary. It’s often possible to repair them by replacing circuit boards, switches, fan blades, sensors, or light-bulb sockets. If a fan isn’t performing well or a light refuses to work, turn to Air Novations LLC. Our Northern Virginia repair technicians have the mechanical expertise and testing equipment needed to efficiently solve a wide range of problems. We know how to fix both ventless and standard units.

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