When Is the Right Time To Upgrade Your Air Conditioner?

When Is the Right Time To Upgrade Your Air Conditioner?

The air conditioner is the most often overlooked, and least understood necessity in your home. Most people install them, set the temperature, and forget about them. Improper operation of the AC can cost you more money than it saves! Before you start looking for an HVAC company to come out and fix your system, check out these five ways how to determine whether now is the right time for an air conditioner upgrade:

Look For Dirty Coils And Discharge Air

This can be done by wiping down coils (they should be reasonably clean) and looking for hot discharge air. If you see dirt or other debris, then this could mean that there are problems with the coil or condenser motor, which will need to be cleaned or replaced respectively. You can also notice this by the amount of dust on your coils or bushes around your AC. If there is a great deal of dust, then this could mean that your air conditioner is not working efficiently and should be cleaned or replaced.

Pay Attention To The Thermostat

The problem with an old thermostat is that it does not consistently control the temperature. If you notice that the temperature in your home frequently changes (every few minutes), then this could mean that you should replace your thermostat. That can occur because there is an issue with the connection between the thermostat and the air conditioner. It may also mean hiring a company specializing in HVAC repair in Gainesville, VA to clean or replace it.

Check Out The Air Flow

An air conditioner that does not run efficiently can cost you more money. If you notice that there is significantly less flow through your AC, then this could mean that your condenser fan has a problem, which will need to be repaired or replaced.

Check Out Your Unit’s Compressors

HVAC units that do not compress air properly can heat up and dry out your home more quickly. That could mean an issue with your compressor, which will require you to look for a professional to help you in air conditioning installation in Northern Virginia.

Check Out Your Unit’s Fan

If you notice that there is an unusual amount of noise, then it could mean that there is a problem with your fan. It will need to be repaired or replaced. That could be the easiest and most accurate way to determine if your AC needs to be replaced!

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Your HVAC system is designed to keep your home comfortable and safe. When you decide to upgrade your equipment, Air Novations LLC Llc first. Not only will our expert technicians be able to diagnose the issue properly, but they will also have the parts needed for the repair in stock – saving you time and money on a quick turnaround. Plus, we offer full warranties on all of our AC units so that if anything were to go wrong during or after your unit has been installed, we make it suitable! 

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